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Simultaneous Translation

While the speaker makes his or her lecture, the professional interprets at the same time with the shortest possible delay for the audience. Frequently used in lectures, congresses, conferences and similar events. Opportunity Translations® also offers translation and sound reinforcement equipment in order for the participants of the event to be able to select the audio channel with the original speech or its translation.

Certified Translation

This mode consists of the translation of a document of official value, respecting standards set forth in advance by the Commercial Registry Office. Sworn translation may be necessary whenever you need a document for legal purposes to be valid on the Brazilian territory with public faith. This document is also requested when you need legal proof in an international environment, such as, for example, a Brazilian university student seeking to apply for a Bachelor’s degree abroad. In this case, the international institution will request a legal translation of his academic record related to the years or the semesters that have already been completed.

Consecutive Interpreting

When the speaker says a small sentence, the professional translates it afterwards. This modality allows for a more precise translation, since the translator has a few seconds to think of the words he is hearing and their context within the phrase before translating it. It also allows the listeners to understand better what is said, having time to follow up the original phrase and its translation. It is used in press conferences, small meetings, travels and more informal situations.

Layout Preparation

Commonly known as layout, this consists of the distribution of graphic elements on a given page, whether digital or printed. This technique is used in free translations, making the translation format exactly the same as that of the original document.


For this purpose, we have a highly qualified team of graphic editors, professionals able to format different types of pages of varied documents by means of the best editing and desktop publishing software jobused to get the job done. Among them, we may highlight the following software: Photoshop, AutoCAD, InDesign, CorelDRAW, Illustrator and other tools of the Office suite

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Free translation

Used when it is not necessary for a document to be translated by a certified translator. It offers more freedom in choosing the terms used, but the translator has the same responsibility and commitment to the content as a certified translator. The submission and receipt of the material can be done by e-mail or according to the client´s needs.

Review and standardization

We review material both regarding content and disposition of the elements, mainly for documents with standards to be complied with.


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